Professional Latina Dancer : Gretel Costales Carriere

Weight: 105 lbs.

Height: 5’0″.

Hair: Dark Brown.

Eyes: Dark Brown.


Hello my name is Gretell Costales ,I was born in the United States, my back ground’s are Cuba and Venezuela, and I love to dance, and model . I have been dancing since I was four. I remember I would always dance in front of my grandmother’s mirror and finally one day she put me in Barbie Modeling and Dance school. I have been in Barbie’s for 9 years so far going on to ten. I became a professional model in year 2000 , a professional dancer in November 2002, and I recently just got my socialist award in modern dance on May 2004. When I was at the age of 8 or 9 I joined Salsa Fever and learned the basics of Rueda Casino. Then eventually I stopped going to the salsa classes. Salsa Fusion opened at Barbie’s in April 2. They had their grand opening party which I also performed. I liked what I saw, then I decided to join Salsa Fusion.

I started to dance salsa because I admired my mom when she would always dance with my father, and wanted one day to be able to dance just like her and things turned out to be good. I have been in Salsa Fusion for over a year and I am already in advance levels. Barbie was having a pageant, and I joined the Talent competition. I did a Salsa song called Ran kan kan by Tito Puente. I was accompanied by Ralph Rodriguez one of my class parner. Kenislidy Santana helped me prepare the routine. I won second place in the Talent show by 2 points. I am so excited to be in the Salsa Fusion dance team, and so proud of myself because I never knew I can get this far, I remember I would always tell my mom i can’t wait until I become an instructor.


And look at me now, I am on my way, I am in training to become an instructor of Salsa. The most important part about becoming an instructor is teaching what u love to do best to others that want to learn what u did in the beginning and hoping that they would get as far as you did. Being  salsa instructor opened up a new world to me.  It’s like were one big family, I enjoy my class a lot with my friends Mayla Cruz, Vicky Guia, Yandy Hernandez, Joel Medina, Ralph Rodriguez and Rene Revilla. And I would also like to thank Alejandro Rodriguez Del Rey, Zarahy Pacheco, Kenislady Santana, Juaquin Medina and Ania Garcia the proud instructors of Salsa Fusion for helping make it this far.  And hopefully one day I will have a proud student just like they did.